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This site contains data on millions of movies, actors, and actresses. It was created at the dawn of imdb... and has strikingly similar content. The data hasn't been updated in a few months (which really only matters for new movies) because it wasn't making any money despite the thousands of hits.

Although the data is no longer as good as that of it's competitor, is still pretty helpful because of some of it's other features that only it has. One example (probably the most commonly used) is the cross-reference search which allows you to put in two pieces of data and find where they collide. For instance, searching for Stephen Speilberg and Tom Hanks will return all the movies that they worked on together. This feature is simply unavailable anywhere else.

NOTE: After the big hard-drive deletion earlier this year, there wasn't significant financial motivation to set the site back up, so I've let it rot. If you want the data, I'll sell it to you.

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09/11/04 01/07/05 Block Drop Palace (BDP)
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12/23/04 12/24/04 Space-Time Diagram Plotter
Web Design
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