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Independent Study Post-Mortem - 05/15/2005 05:07pm
The Independent Study is finished and I turned it in on thursday the 12th!

The functionality when I turned it in included a partial Map Editor, partial Animation Editor, full menuing system with text-fields, list-boxes, animated rollover-buttons, text buttons, a bunch of menu-fades, etc. The ingame functionality itself included music, sound-fx, isometric terrain with different passability for different units, collision-detection, ground and air weapons, basic Agent (individual unit) AI, and partially implemented two-tiered pathfinding. Weapons have their own animations (in the animation format I created just for this game) as well as explosion sequences for their impact, and each sprite has a special animation for when they die.

In the 10 weeks of coding, the program got to about 13,141 lines of project-specific code (code written by me, specifically for this project... I didn't count things that I wrote before and just used in the project). I consumed about 2,750 ounces of caffeinated beverages (primarily various flavors of Mountain Dew). And slept a mean of 7.7 hours per night. I haven't calculated the standard deviation, but I anticipate that it is very high just looking at the numbers where I slept 0 hours some nights and 13 others. The caffeine probably increased the standard deviation a great deal and decreased the mean slightly.

This summer, I plan to continue work on the game, however, this blog was just for the Independent Study development. The development during the summer might get to the point where I want to keep some of the components secret so that they are a surprise to players when the game is released.

Thanks for checking in on the progress of the game, and I hope you get a chance to enjoy playing it when it comes out!

RTS Independent Study ABOUT
This page is devoted to my Independent Study for Game Design: Real Time Strategy that is to take place Spring Quarter 2005 at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

My advisor/instructor is Sean Strout. The project will be to create the entire engine for a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game. This means that basically everything but the artwork, cutscenes, and campaign stories will be completed. I'll probably add that all afterwards, but it's outside the scope of this project for now.

The timeline for the quarter means that I have 10 weeks to complete this rather sizeable project. Along the way, you can keep track of my progress from this page and view a list of functionality, a collection of screenshots, and a blog; all of which I will keep fairly frequently updated. The deliverables for the Independent Study (ie: that which I will be graded on) include the Design Documents for the game, the actual game itself, and a summary that is required for all Independent Studies at the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences (GCCIS) which is the specific college at RIT that I will be doing this project for.

To be clear: the progress bar at the top of this page indicates only the progress on the CALENDAR related to the project. This just gives me (and you) a better view of how far along the quarter has come time-wise. The bar does not actually have anything to do with the completion of the game. It will still give a fairly accurate picture of my progress, because failure is not an option, so the project will most likely be completed on time. In addition, there is no way that I will be "done early" because once I've met all of my expectations, there is still plenty that I will be able to add on and revise ad infinitum. The end-date is set to May 13 which is the end of classes, not of finals week.

Related Content FILES
This table is a list of all files related to the project that are online. Screenshots, design documents, etc. Some of the files will be marked as "protected" and they will only be viewable by my advisor and I because they explain the structure of the program (and I don't want people stealing my ideas before I'm done).
- Rough Schedule ./RTS/schedule.php
- Log file from an experiment logFile_experiment.txt

Design Docs:
- In-Game Controls doc: In-Game Controls.txt
- Updated (as of 3/14/05) ghetto-UML. This is after having an executing program for more than a week. It's fairly permanent. UML_20050314.png

Screenshots: (newest on top)
- Final shot for the Independent Study. Cannon-shells mid-air
- Shot of the menu screenshot2005051200.png
- Haha, oops. screenshot2005042700.png
- Units can move (it isn't easy being green) screenshot2005040500.png
- Pathfinding is really basic :/ screenshot2005040200.png
- Lasoe to select units (SHIFT to add more) screenshot2005033000.png
- "The best thing about being me... there are so many me's"
- Animated Sprite on the board screenshot2005032900.png
- Same as below but with semi-transparent HUD screenshot2005032201.png
- First functionality of in-game GUI screenshot2005032200.png
- Map Editor edits maps screenshot2005031701.png
- List box, randomly textured map, pressure-sensitive scrolling: screenshot
- Map Editor main map beginning to work screenshot2005031301.png
- Sigh... more menu stuff screenshot2005031300.png
- ListBox class starting to work in the Map Editor screenshot2005031101.png
- ToolBar class working in the Map Editor screenshot2005031100.png
- Basic Menu placeholder screenshot2005031002.png
- Basic Menu placeholder screenshot2005031001.png
- Basic Menu placeholder screenshot2005031000.png (yes, the art is temporary)
- A successful run with a faked loading bar: screenshot2005030701.png