Diversifying2004-10-07 04:42:20
Today I started learning the Whitespace language which is totally cool because you can't see it. It's an interesting language with very few unique characters (three) and lets you use a heap & stack so it's fairly normal.

On the other hand, I also learned the Brainfuck (BF) programming language which is very different from anything I've seen before. There aren't variables or conditionals or flow-control. Basically you have a pointer. A single pointer. It's like that to represent the old-school concept of a Turing Machine's tape reader that can only read or write from a single location.

Although I only started Whitespace, I got very familiar with BF and wrote a program in it. If you are a member, you can log in and read the Code Blog to find out what it does. Otherwise all you get is this code (and the hint that it doesn't do anything lame like print "Hello World")

My first Brainfuck program:

Some New Skins2004-10-06 16:47:12
For your viewing pleasure, I've started to mess around with some skins for the site. To test the system, I've made two simple skins that have the same layout as normally, but with different colors.
Try 'em out!

Monochrome (inverted)
Back to Normal

Fixed Polls2004-09-30 08:31:18
As you may have noticed, the polling system was a little too secure until now. It only accepted one vote of the 13 legitimate IPs that attempted to vote.

I've fixed that little problem, so feel free to cast your vote on our first poll... the color that our poll-bars should be!

The Site Is Up!2004-09-28 22:44:59
The site is now up, and not hidden from the general public. Several of my projects have been added to the Software page, but that is mostly just information and screenshots for now. Downloadable programs and code will be coming shortly. If there is something you want to see on this site, toss me a line and I'll get to that first.

I haven't shown this site to anyone yet, so I need feedback!

Thanks, hope you all enjoy the site!
- Sean

Uploads2004-09-28 00:55:17
I'm tentatively planning to have this site up by the end of the week. This will almost entirely consist of adding my projects to the site (very little actual site-code is left). I wrote out a text-file to assist me in uploading... here's what you can expect to see on the site:

Perl Haxxing Fun2004-09-17 14:25:15
In one of my clases, the teacher is offering $10 to the student who can write the shortest Perl script to complete a project. We have to turn in the regular version first, then the shortened. My regular version was around 1,500 bytes, and the shortened is currently 144 bytes.

First off, I'm surprised anything cool is actually happening in a CLASS at a SCHOOL :O, but more importantly... I'm going to pwn. The project is due in just over a week, and I'll post my code after the due date (don't want people sniping it ahead of time).

The assignment consists of parsing a given set of HTML files to yank out the names of students and their email addresses and save them to another file (both files come from the command line). There is also a little formatting to be done on the names. If you want to try your hand at the same project, it should be at: http://www.cs.rit.edu/~jdb/plc/project1

Welcome2004-08-30 23:45:49
Hey, welcome to the best site ever. I'm sorry you had to deal with all that other junk before you found this.

Anywho, this is the first entry because my whole hard-drive took a dive and I lost everything except my source code (which I back up with paranoid ferver) and this leaves all the contents of my various databases empty.

This site is going to be the release grounds for most if not all of my code and projects. It is from the perspective of a Codeaholic, and thus the technical end of all of my programs will be presented here... if there is a commercial site about any of my projects, there will be links, but those pages will be kept seperate.

Hang In There0000-00-00 00:00:00
Still working on BDPnet. Not as often as I'd like, but there have been several side projects that have come up and have priorities over a networked block drop game. I know I haven't released anything in more than a week (which really wouldn't be all that long for anyone who was sane)... but fairly soon a number of things are going to be finished all at the same time. It'll be worth the wait.
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