Brainf*** (BF)

Brainf*** Background
Brainf*** (as it is known in its censored form), is a unique language consisting of only 8 instructions. This makes coding in BF very metally challenging , hence the name. It was invented by Urban Müller, who has become popular among BF coders in a way Larry Wall is among Perl coders. There are many pages out there already that do a great job of explaining the language, so as not to be repetative, I'll just provide my original code and links to some of the best pages I've found relating to BF.

My BF Code
If you don't already know BF, you might want to check out the other pages first... these are mostly scripts to help you actually code in Brainf***.
  • Fibonacci - Example code I wrote that prints the single-digit Fibonacci numbers. (with comments)
  • String Reversal - Example code that reverses a string. (with comments)
  • Girlfriend - Who cares about the RIT gender ratio when you can make your own girlfriend!

Other People's Pages
  • Intro1 - Very brief overview
  • Intro2 - Has a bunch of helpful links at the bottom.
  • Tutorial - This tutorial is awesome, you can learn the whole language and how to use it in less than an hour with this page.
  • Interpreter - Online interpreter in JavaScript, so you don't have to download anything. Works very well.
  • Competition - This ended a couple of weeks ago, my submission is here and the results are already back. There are definite plans for future contests, you can find more info about them on the forum.

Obligatory Warning:
Since this page was released as part of a school project, I should warn you that any and all links from this page may contain profanity (such as the name of the programming language).